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Depending on the size and model, as well as additional accessories and mounting methods, our professional installation can take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. Our goal is to make you smile, so we take our time to make sure we go through every step necessary in completing the installation from start to finish and leaving you with a worry-free result.

Proper care for the frame of your awning includes rinsing it with water from your hose, wiping it down with a soft cloth and using 100 percent silicone lubricant on all moving parts of the lateral awning. Again, the lubricant must be 100 percent silicone. Avoid using lubricants such as WD-40 as they will leave a residue and may stain your awnings fabric.

To start with, the location of your awning determines the frequency we recommend cleaning it. If your home is located inland, you should clean your awning twice a year. If you are near the ocean, you should clean your awning once a month due to the salt exposure.

To clean your awning, spray off lose debris and dirt with a water hose. For bird droppings and other attached residue, use warm water and soft bristled scrub brush on the spot requiring attention before rinsing with your hose. After you have removed any loose dirt and/or residue, allow your awning to dry completely before coating with a rain repellent such as Scotch Guard.

If your awing fabric has tougher stains such as mildew, you can attempt to remove the stains with a mild soap, such as Ivory Snow or Woolite, with warm water and soft bristled scrub brush. Avoid using any product with the word “detergent” in it. Again, only use a mild soap. After using the soap, rinse the awning thoroughly with water from your hose. Allow the awning to dry completely before coating the fabric with a rain repellent as mentioned previously.

Depending on the time of the year, anywhere between 3-4 weeks.

Certain HOA’s and Planning Boards require that you submit your awning and color choice before the board for their approval. However, retractable awnings are almost always allowed as long as they follow their Planning groups guidelines.

There are many options to choose since each Sunesta Shade Product is custom made for you. You can add a motorized drop valance, an aluminum hood, an aluminum SmartCase, a remote-controlled motor, automatic sun and wind sensors, consumer adjustable pitch controls and much more.

Retractable awnings are mainly for sun protection and shade. Although they can handle a light drizzle, one should be wary of down pours and wind gust that damage the awning and void warranties. Also, moisture that gets trapped in the fabric without proper time to dry can cause premature mold growth.

This really comes down to the customers needs and wants. A retractable awning supplies shade when needed then can be tucked away so sun can shine thru. It’s also more acceptable to most associations. in contrast, a stationary awning provides shelter throughout the entire season. However, it is always out, requires additional supports and allows for little sun to shine thru.

Please click on the warranty tab to download a copy of our warranty.